3 Reasons Your Headlights May Not Be Doing Their Job Efficiently

Headlights are integral to safe driving in poor visibility; anything that interferes with your headlights’ illumination interferes with your safety. While cloudiness of headlights is a well-known cause of poor illumination, it isn’t the only thing to worry about. Here are three other major things that can interfere with your headlights’ illumination: Low Voltage Your[…]

How To Patch Holes In A Car Body

Auto body repair is very intimidating to most car owners. They are understandably worried about worsening the problem. For instance, a small hole will often look worse if you patch it incorrectly. This is why you need to figure out the best technique for patching small holes. The process can be a little tricky if[…]

How To Prepare Your Car For Summer

Just like the winter, the summer months have a distinctive set of environmental variables that can affect your vehicle while driving. Warmer temperatures and increased rainfall can be just as dangerous as icy roads and heavy snow if your car is not properly prepared. When the snow starts to melt, there are a few things[…]